Floor of natural stone

Before you start finishing work, you need to determine the operational features. For premises with high traffic, it is better to use granite, as the most wear-resistant material. For residential premises, you can use marble, onyx or travertine characterized by an unique pattern and translucent streaks.

In order for the laying of natural stone on the floor to be even and beautiful, and the material consumption is minimal, the preliminary planning including the following steps is necessary:

  • quantity takeoff based on the area, the premise configuration, the type of laying (for mosaic, getting a picture or ornament, the tiles are manufactured individually according to the drawn sketches);
  • laying plan preparation; for mosaic and figured floors, each element is recommended to be numbered on the plan and on the back side of each tile;

Floor surfaces

Natural stone is one of the best solutions if you want to buy a durable, wear-resistant, aesthetic and prestigious floor covering. It's no coincidence, over the centuries, the stone floors decorated the rooms of palaces, manors and churches, and their creation was entrusted to the best masters of that time. Today, historical buildings admire people all over the world, and designers take inspiration for the development of new projects using natural stone. Also, in Latvia, the stone floor surfaces are gaining more and more popularity, and it is pleasing that, in restored buildings, the stone floor coverings, which are hundreds of years old, are not dismantled, but are carefully restored to be revived.

Natural stone floor surfaces are widely used in public places with intensive load, where the high wear resistance coating is required. In the buildings of various state and municipal institutions, banks, high-class office complexes, hotels, the preference is given to the stone floors of marble, granite and other materials. The stone floor covering are selected by the owners of prestigious villas -such a floor appropriately indicates the status of the owner in the society, its elegant, beautiful and practical.

The stone floor covering is created from slabs of specifically selected stone material. The floor can be both a homogeneous solution and a mosaic, when a special pattern or image is made of stone tiles of various colors and shapes. Our company offers the fabrication of homogeneous floor coverings of stone tiles and floors of stone mosaics. The team of the company employs highly qualified specialists, whose projects have won the highest rating among the customers and industry specialists - architects and designers.

Our services in the fabrication of stone floors:

  • Development of the stone floor covering project in accordance with the wishes of the client;
  • Fabrication and installation of a new surface, including the production of the ;
  • Creating a floor mosaic;
  • Renovation and restoration of stone floors;
  • Fabrication of floor surfaces according to the project developed by the customer.

We offer natural stone floor surfaces of the following types of stone:

  • Marble is one of the most beautiful stone coatings, which creates a luxury effect and a solemn atmosphere. The marble floor surfaces with mosaic look especially elegant. Compared to other stone materials, marble is the most capricious, therefore, in order to preserve its beauty, proper styling and further care is important.
  • Granite is a material with high strength and rich color range, which gives the floor an elegant look. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, halls - everywhere you need a durable floor that does not require special care. It is recommended to install a heating system under the granite floor, as granite is a cold material.
  • Sandstone is a natural stone consisting of quartz and particles of other stones. Sandstone belongs to mountain sedimentary rocks and has a pronounced multilayer structure. At the same time, the sandstone is wear-resistant, has a beautiful texture and excellent anti-slip properties. The sandstone floor covering creates a pleasant indoor microclimate.
  • Quartzite is an extremely wear-resistant stone with interesting color range and high hardness, which is well suited for outdoor use. Quartzite floor covering is an excellent solution for rooms with intensive people traffic.
  • Shale is a multi-layered rock with a solid structure. The shale tile has a high wear-resistance, low slipperiness, excellent resistance to changes in color shades, stains and scratches. Shale floor surfaces are suitable for kitchens, terraces, hallways.