Granite is one of the most popular stone - a crystalline rock with a granular structure. The name of granite itself comes from the Latin word "granum", which means "grain". The granite deposits are found all over the world - in France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, etc. Each deposit and its characteristic climatic conditions affect the appearance of granite, so each type of this stone is unique. Granite deposits are also found in the depths of Latvia, but at a depth of about 1 km. The nearest neighbor, whose granite is observed on the ground level, is Finland, where huge rocky massifs are formed from this stone.
Granite is widely used in construction and interior design. This stone is suitable for decoration of interior and exterior - building facades, stairs, floors, walls, kitchen worktops, fireplaces, bathrooms. Granite is used on various objects - on the streets, in confining structures, fountain structures, columns, environmental objects, granite paving stones are widely used. Granite is one of the main materials for the creation of monumental sculpture, the manufacture of cemetery monuments, memorial plates.
The advantages of granite:
  • durability;
  • massiveness and density;
  • high resistance to mechanical load, impacts, scratches;
  • resistance to high temperature and sudden changes in temperature;
  • moisture resistance;
  • rich colors and texture possibilities created by nature - ranging from almost white to black stone, all tones of red, blue, brown, greenish, cream, etc.
A significant weakness of granite is cold to the touch. Granite belongs to the category of cold stones, its surface is cool always. If you have chosen a granite floor for your home, then it is advisable to install a heating system under it. It should also be taken into account that the polished granite surface becomes slippery when it covers by wet.
Granite classification:
  • Fine granite with a grain size up to 2 mm;
  • Medium granite with a grain size of 2 mm to 5 mm;
  • Coarse granite with a grain size of more than 5 mm.
The grain is finer, the granite is stronger and its technical properties are more perfect. Fine granite is most easily to polishing - a method that allows you to obtain the as smooth as possible, mirrored surface, revealing unique color tones and textures.
For the clients of our company, the granite is one of the most demanded materials, therefore our offer includes a wide range of granite samples from various regions of the world. We also offer the production of granite plates according to the dimensions provided by the customer. Choose your granite, and we will realize your ideas!
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