Onyx is one of the most beautiful types of natural stone - the heritage of distant times past. It is believed that onyx was known in ancient Egypt and Babylon in the 5th-th millennium BC, and recognized as a carrier of magical properties, after all, it is no coincidence that numerous peoples of the ancient world made onyx dishes for medicinal products. Onyx is also mentioned in the Bible as one of the stones that adorned the throne of King Solomon and used to create the walls of the sovereign's palace.
Onyx is a stone with an amazing, contrasting texture and color range. The location of the crystals and fibers forming the structure of onyx, give the stone a translucency ensuring its ability to transmit sunlight at a depth of 50-60 mm, giving the impression that the stone emits light from the inside. This property of onyx is used often in combination with light sources achieving amazing lighting effects and giving the room a certain mood.
Onyx is quite easy in processing being a rewarding material for the works of art and jewelry, therefore it is widely used by experts in this field. In interior solutions, onyx is used for the wall, fireplace portal, kitchen table, etc. surface finishing, as interior parts. This stone is acceptable for indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as in creating mosaics. Onyx, like marble, is easy to polish finding a mirror-smooth, radiant surface.
Rich deposits of onyx are discovered in the Arabian Peninsula, in Brazil, Uruguay, India, USA, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. Of these deposits, onyx arrived at our company, where we use it to create interior finishing solutions and various unique design elements.
Advantages of onyx:
  • Translucent structure, which together with the netted texture creates prestige and uniqueness of any interior;
  • Wide range of colors provided by the composition of various mineral substances (blue, green, brownish, red and other colors) presence in the onyx;
  • High wear resistance and durability - in this respect onyx is like marble, it is a hard and dense material that is not afraid of scratches, cracks and impacts;
  • Low level of water absorption - due to high density, onyx does not absorb moisture and can be safely used in premises with high humidity;
  • Heat accumulation ability - onyx accumulates heat well gathering and gradually giving it up indoors. Onyx surface is pleasant to the touch, never repulsively cold;
  • Antibacterial material - on the onyx surface, the mold never forms, fungi and microorganisms of various kinds do not develop. To a certain extent, onyx is an antiseptic, air purifier;
  • Opportunities for multiple uses - from wall finishing to interior items, from works of art and dishes to decorations, the scope of use of onyx is very extensive.
The only disadvantage of onyx is its price. Onyx is one of the most expensive stones, but this investment is justified. Onyx as a finishing material or interior item will undoubtedly delight all generations, and its performance properties will never lose their value.
Our company offers a wide color and texture range of onyx. We cut slabs of stone according to the dimensions provided by the clients. At your choice - numerous services for finishing and interior design when using an amazing stone - onyx.
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