Revetment of facades with marble and granite

Marble and granite have always enjoyed great popularity to furnish the facade of the house, but with the development of technology the processing system is improved, becomes more reliable and less expensive. One of the most popular options is a natural stone ventilated facade - special ventilated system that performs several functions at once - protection of external walls, their strengthening, condensate drainage, dew point displacement in the right direction and additional thermal insulation.

The ventilated facade of natural stone make a building presentable and styled providing reliable protection in any climate zone. Ventilated facade technology is available. The serious experience is required when you mark walls and tiles of natural stone only.



It is safe to say that the facades of natural stone are durable like the stone itself. Due to the excellent physical properties of the stone, the facades acquire increased resistance to variable climatic conditions - they are not affected by any sudden changes in air temperature or prolonged cold or hot weather. Moisture, sunlight or strong wind does not destroy stone facades

Stone, as a facade finishing material, is acceptable for buildings of any kind and type - private houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, public buildings. Moreover, the stone used as a component in the right combination with other building materials can be a significant player in improving the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Advantages of stone facade:

  • Natural stone is a completely ecological material, "friendly" for the environment;
  • Durability and wear resistance;
  • The richness of the stone color shades and textures provides the unique solutions for the facade design creation;
  • Energy efficiency - due to the physical properties of the stone it will prevent heating in summer, and overcooling of building in winter;
  • Simple and quick mounting - prefabricated tiles, which is attached to the external walls structures, are used for facades;
  • Significant opportunity of decorative finishing features - the facade can be supplemented with various architectural elements creating mosaic and drawings.

A significant weakness of stone facades is weight, especially if marble or granite is used for finishing. It is necessary to prepare previous structures carefully for the stone slabs laying.

Stone materials most suitable for the facade finishing:

  • marble;
  • granite;
  • travertine;
  • quartzite;
  • sandstone.

We offer you:

  • fabrication of stone materials for facade finishing in accordance with a previously developed project;
  • we work with projects of various levels of complexity, including simple facade solutions, as well as fabrication and mounting of various architectural elements;
  • full range of services related to the mounting of facade finishing to the completion of facade;
  • renovation and repair of stone facades;
  • assessment and restoration of stone facades of previously constructed buildings;
  • consultations in connection with fabrication of stone facades, selection of the most appropriate materials, mounting, finishing, maintenance and renovation.