Cutting your material

We provide quality services for cutting and processing of natural stone and quartz. The experience of the company and our employees allows us to more efficiently use our resources, so we offer our customers favourable prices, a system of discounts and consistently high quality of work in the shortest possible time.

Reasonable price for cutting stone and processing

Turning to the manufacturer of stone products, you save your money without overpaying to an intermediary. In addition, you can independently monitor the progress of all work. Our production is open to visitors.

Full range of work

Our production is equipped with high-tech hardware, which determines the high quality of work. All the company's specialists without exception have experience in stone processing for more than 10 years. We carry out not only manufacturing, but also service work - measurements, installation, delivery, any on-site refinement, restoration, etc. There are no barriers for us, we will use all our knowledge and experience to get the result you need.

We work with a guarantee

We provide a guarantee for all types of work, as well as post-warranty service. We will advise you on any technical issues after the execution of the contract for the entire life of your stone products.

Compliance with deadlines

Manufacturing of products in the factory takes 3 days. Terms of work are directly dependent on seasonality and order quantity. We weekly adjust the production time under the contract, so as not to afford to fail our customers and tell you the deadline, which we will meet indeed. If you urgently need to finish the repair, then fast production from 1 day is possible in our company! You can always use the "urgent order" service.


Stone cutting

Natural stone is one of the oldest and most unique building materials, that never ceases to amaze architects and designers. But the path to gaining a stone of desired shape and outlines is long and consists of numerous stages of manufacturing and treatment of this natural material. One of the most significant of them is the stone cutting.

Depending on the type of stone and the intended purpose of its application, the cutting is carried out with the use of different technologies - cutting with disk, wire, hydroabrasive or water cutting equipment.

Stone cutting with disk is the most common method to quickly achieve the desired shape and size. Metal or diamond discs are used for cutting, and for different types of stone there are discs of a certain size and shape.

Stone cutting with wire allows you to cut the stone of any kind accurately regardless of its structure. Special abrasive wire, diamond wire or wire of certain metal alloys are used for this purpose.

The stone cutting when using hydroabrasive cutting equipment is the most common technology in our company allowing to achieve the desired result much faster, and the range of the equipment functions is much wider. This technology is based on the use of water in the working process, which makes the operation of the technical installation more economical. This highly valuable invention provides cutting, cleaning, polishing and other stone treatment until you get the desired result. The stone cutting by this method is completely automated, the control is carried out by computer installations, and it is possible to create elements of filigree and exquisite form from such massive and solid material as stone. The stone cutting at our company is carried out by means of the newest generation hydroabrasive equipment from the widely known in Europe Swedish brand Water JET.

In addition to various methods of stone treatment, our company also offers the fabrication of large sett paving - for this purpose, the stone cutting is carried out with the help of a special sawing machine. This equipment allows you to get large sett paving stone of a same form or more massive building elements.

Stone cutting is one of the initial stages of stone treatment. Then, the treatment of edges and surfaces is carried out to obtain desired result and demonstrate the true beauty of stone material.

We offers the following methods of stone treatment:

  • Polishing emphasizes the stone image and texture uniqueness, the surface becomes smooth, radiant, mirror.
  • Grinding is getting of matte surface, unlike the result of polishing, the surface is less slippery.
  • Fire treatment - the method of burning removes the top layer of stone, and the surface becomes rough and non-slip.
  • Spot treatment - to obtain rough and non-slip surfaces, mainly used for floor coverings and stair steps.
  • Other type of treatment -depending on order, we also offers such kinds of treatment as boucharding, creation of an antique texture or "antique" effect, laser treatment etc.

The stone cuttingis also offered as a separate service for those who need stone elements of a certain size (craftsman, artists, etc.).