Restoration works of natural stone

The most common problems that can be encountered are:

  • Cracks;
  • Chips;
  • Falling of tiles.

If minor cracks are found, they can be covered with stone putty. If this is not done on time, the water will fall inside, leading to even greater destruction. Restoration may include impregnation and polishing:

  • Thoroughly clean the slab and degrease it;
  • Apply a protective agent, such as bio-protection;
  • In this it is impossible to use detergents containing abrasive particles, as they will scratch the stone.

If the slab has disappeared and split, it can be replaced. It is advisable to buy a bit of granite with a store for such emergencies, because then it will be quite difficult to choose a slab with the same shade. The ventilated front is the easiest in terms of repair and restoration; it is enough to fix the tile again in the same place.
If you want the granite facade to serve as long as possible, it is better to immediately order the full range of mounting, maintenance, repair and restoration services from professionals who will do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Even the high-quality coatings and products made of natural stone can be destroyed, darkened, damaged or scratched over time and with improper care. To return them to the original ideal appearance, sometimes you have to resort to the restoration of natural stone (for more information.
The process of stone restoration is complex and time consuming, since it involves the use of special chemicals, equipment, tools, as well as materials for grinding and polishing. The frequency of such procedures, in many respects, depends on the mineral composition of a particular stone, as well as the features of operation of the products made from it.

  • Cleaning of damaged areas to the sheer stone;
  • Strengthening of a stone with the help of colorless adhesive compositions, in most cases it is liquid epoxy glue;
  • Modelling of knocked edges, potholes;
  • Restoration of the texture of marble or granite with glue and stone crumb;
  • Surface grinding after restoration (granite grinding is usually done only in a day) marble polishing, of travertine, limestone carried out on the same day;
  • Polishing of grinded stone surface;
  • Marble crystallization and other natural stone that needs this procedure (polishing is enough for granite, basalt, wild stone) here you can read why crystallization of granite is not needed;
  • The last stage of restoration and repair, stone treatment with protective agents, wax, polish, impregnation.

Dismantling of a natural stone with preservation of material is a complex and time-consuming task, which it is practically impossible to carry out independently. That is why the implementation of this task can best be entrusted to the professionals of SIA VABEN. These people have extensive experience in this field; they know how to dismantle one or another type of natural stone, with its subsequent preservation, as well as what equipment and tools are needed for this.
Natural stone is a durable material, the scope of which is very wide. Despite the fact that the mineral, over the years, can retain aesthetic and physical characteristics, sometimes the construction, repair or restoration work requires its dismantling.

  • Dismantling the steps and risers of granite and marble;
  • Dismantling the facade cladding of granite and marble slabs;
  • Dismantling of floor granite and marble slabs.

If one or more tiles are damaged, you can only remove and replace them. Minor cracks can be repaired without replacing the tile. Dismantling of granite or marble slabs over the entire surface is required if:

  • there are transverse cracks;
  • there are chips with a depth of 10 to 15 mm;
  • during the repair it is planned to change the type of coating;

Dismantling of natural stones with the preservation of the material is performed exclusively by mechanical means.Before starting work it should be understood that 100% removal of natural stone without damage is impossible. In the course of the work, stone elements may fall off by themselves.

If the dismantling is performed indoors, the room must be completely freed from furniture, equipment, textiles and other items, as in the process of work a huge amount of dust will appear.

Dismantling of natural stone from a ventilated facade is the fastest and most practical for preserving the stone in integrity.

Restoration of facade

Numerous buildings erected hundreds of years ago are proud of their facades of natural stone, but time takes its toll. Even though the stone is virtually everlasting material, the restoration of facade is necessary to improve the overall technical condition and update the appearance of the building. Restored building not only improves the aesthetics of the urban environment, but also increases its value significantly. Restoration of facade is usually included in the general renovation plan of the building and provides for a number of phased works.

Restoration of facade of a natural stone is one of the most demanded services of our company, as we have proven themselves to be the highest class professionals, having received for this high recognition in the client environment. The list of completed projects includes outstanding historical architectural monuments, Art Nouveau buildings and other structures.


Restoration of stone facades is a thorough and scrupulous work that requires in-depth study, as well as cooperation with architecture history specialists and restorers. In particular, this refers to cultural and historical monuments, the facade restoration of which requires greater attention to every part seeking to restore the authentic look of the building. It is not unusual to use the methods and techniques of the past years in order to achieve maximum compliance with the original design. But, often, the modern buildings also need restoration of facade, when the customer wants to improve or change their appearance for some reason.


Restoration of facade can be carried out in full updating the entire facade from the foundation to the roof or partially, when individual elements need to be renovated, for example, basement, curtain rods, etc. Restoration of facade is carried out with the use of such types of natural stone as marble, granite, travertine, quartzite, sandstone.


Our service on restoration of facade provides for the following main stages of work:

  • Object research;
  • Project creation;
  • Cost estimating;
  • Restoration process, starting from material selection and fabrication;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Consultations on all issues related to the renovation of stone facades.

We work on objects of various degrees of complexity, involving following specialists by necessity: historians, architects, museum specialists, and restoration masters.


Our projects will be duly appreciated by every resident of Riga or a guest of the capital. Thus, our company restored the facades of the Reitern and Donnenstern houses in Old Riga, which are one of the pearls of historical architecture. The restoration of stone facades is performed in several high-class hotels: Radisson SAS, Park Hotel Rīdzene and Reval Hotel Latvija. Also, our masters worked on the restoration of facade of the Riga City Hall, in the Riga International Airport and when implementing many other projects.